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Gourmet Foods

From larger manufacturers to "small batch", artisan producers, we strive to present to our customers the finest gourmet products available. 


Roots Run Deep--Starting in the Spring of 1997 as a small family business,  Ariston were the first in Connecticut to offer cold press extra virgin olive oil.  To this day, the same oil is still produced by their family in the Kalamata region of Greece.  By adding balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy as well as jams & marmalade, olives and honey to the line, this is a great well-rounded option at an amazing value.

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL]

BobbySue's Nuts

A deliciously healthy blend of all-natural nuts gives the satisfying sweetness many crave while cultivating the healthy mind, body and spirit your customers demand. Starting with a lightly roasted blend of all-natural almonds, pecans, cashews and are combined with a mix of "savory and not too sweet" spices to create a mouthful of crunchy goodness!

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

LWC Brands dba Bronco Bob's

B. Bob's Color Logo.bmp

Like many of our lines, Lady Walton’s Cookies is a family-owned and operated business, founded on quality, and dedicated to preparing delicious foods that are literally “like mother used to make.”  In 1994, the company introduced "Bronco Bob’s Specialty Foods", named for Susan and Mary Alizon’s father, Dr. Robert Walton. Bronco Bob’s offers a line of Southwest-themed Bronco Bob’s Chipotle Sauces.

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

KC Classic Gourmet Foods


This is KC Classic Gourmet Foods. Food created from premium stock and prepared in ways that make it different from the common.  A delectable line of cheese dips made from real ingredients.  Try flavors such as Artichoke Leaf, Raspberry Jalapeno, Green Olive & Pimento and Chocolate Cherry Amaretto.  One taste and you'll be hooked!

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

Pearl & Johnny

This line features pure, real-food ingredients for customers who are looking to create wholesome, delicious pickled vegetables in minutes. ORGANIC, NON-GMO.

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

Route 11 Potato Chips

From the moment the first batch of Route 11 potato chips were dropped back in the early days of 1992, they understood their destiny as a high quality producer. Instead of succumbing to the frenzy of mass production, the people at Route 11 took advantage of their small size and made chipping their personal art form. The payoff was immediate: an incredible potato chip! 

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, FL]

Stonewall Kitchen

Expertly crafted with high-quality ingredients, Stonewall Kitchen brands bring you the best in specialty foods.  Jams & Jellies, Baking Mixes, Breakfast items, Dessert Sauces, Crackers and Snacks, Salsas and Sauces, Salad Dressings as well gluten-free and organic products, Stonewall Kitchen covers it all.  With the addition of Tillen Farms pickled items, Napa Valley Naturals Oils and Vinegars, Montebello Pasta, Legal Sea Food, Urban Accents and other lines, the Stonewall Kitchen family of brands has something for every palate. 

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Uniquely Gourmet


In the deep piney woods of East Texas the Montgomery’s have been setting industry standards in the gourmet food business for almost 20 years. Howard has taken his recipes to the next level with the launch of his Uniquely Gourmet line. Uniquely Gourmet is focused on fresh, healthy and tasty recipes that surpass industry standards. The members of the Uniquely Gourmet team are well versed in custom recipe development, private labeling, fresh produce buying and quality customer care. Our family oriented personality extends beyond our employees to each and every customer. Uniquely Gourmet is dedicated to providing quality products and a quality experience for you and your customers.

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

Wind & Willow

It is Wind & Willow's intention to bring friends and family together with products that are delicious, easy to prepare, and easy to share. They have done just that! With a long list of products that can be used to make appetizers, entrees, desserts, baked goods, or drink for any occasion. Whether it is their Sweet or Savory Cheeseball Mixes, Dip Mixes, Soup Mixes, Hot Cider Mixes, Gluten Free items, and Pickle Mixes. we are sure you'll love this line!

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

Xcell International

Starting with coffee accents and then to sugars, sprinkes and spices, Xcell/Dean Jacob's understood early the value of offering an innovative selection of products in addition to high quality ingredients. After huge success and growth with their bread dipping seasoning, they naturally progressed into the gourmet dessert category, where they offered Mousse, Cheesecake, Crème Brulee, Ice Cream and Cookie Kits, Funnel Cake, Molten Lava Cake and Cupcake & Frosting Mixes. Additions that are more recent include Dean Jacob’s Spice Grinders, Pizza Kits, Popcorn Kits and Humorous Spice versions.

[Reps in MO, IA, NE, KS, So. IL, FL]

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